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Consulting and Training Services

My expertise in collaborative approaches is applicable to a wide range of situations where I can design and facilitate systemic change in:

  • Collaborative meetings that are more effective and fulfilling by enhancing creativity, innovation, motivation, communication, trust, critical thinking skills, and teamwork

  • Community engagement inclusive of diverse perspectives that reveals different values, priorities, and empowering innovative solutions to challenges 

  • Strategic planning that fosters collaboration, provides direction, improves decision-making resulting in operational efficiency 

  • Collaborative projects/programs involving multiple stakeholder groups seeking solutions to complex problems by combining diverse perspectives and skills, enhancing innovation, ownership and empowerment, and achieving desired impacts 

  • Participatory research involving primary stakeholders by empowering communities, improving validity, fostering sustainability, and providing positive outcomes for both researchers and communities 

  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) utilizing new ways of measuring change by providing a holistic perspective that engages and empowers diverse stakeholder groups in continuous learning and in the utilization of results.

Whether you have consulting or training needs, I would love to discuss your specific project or program needs with you. 

How I work with groups and organizations

As senior consultant I've worked as liaison among governments, multilateral agencies, NGOs, and private sector organizations. My expertise includes designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating sustainable development projects. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, and French and have collaborated with international development efforts in over twenty countries across Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Let’s get started on your project or program now


My Core Values include:

Holistic: Considering parts as interconnected and viewed with reference to the whole.
Inclusion: Appreciating everyone and valued equally as they are.
Environment: Working towards a fair and sustainable future for all.
Decolonization: Challenging ongoing colonialism that affects various aspects of society.
Empowerment: Providing individuals and communities with the skills and authority to take action.

Social justice: Fostering fair balance in the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society where individuals' rights are recognized and protected.
Clarity: Offering coherence and intelligible transparency of motivation and action.

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